Conchita Rodríguez Franco

“Following my studies in Business Administration and my MBA, I started my career as a stockbroker and analyst, worked within the M&A field both for a German investment bank and as partner of an M&A Spanish boutique, and I also built a consulting experience for a large industrial company. I am using all this experience into my coaching to individuals and teams now. My approach to coaching is both fact/ data-based and intuitive, empathic, creative, challenging, and straightforward.

In my practice, I try to create a safe and honest space where clients can connect with their internal resources, values, beliefs, and emotions, as well as their goals and developmental needs, thus evoking meaningful and sustainable change.

I am a passionate, challenging, and supportive coach, my business and consultancy background enable me to easily connect with clients and their reality dealing with multicultural and complex environments. I facilitate peer coaching groups with an emergent approach that enables deep, co-created growth and learning.

I has lived in Spain, Germany and France and I keep working regularly in those countries predominantly with multinationals in various industry sectors including Banking & Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Industrial Chemicals, Wholesale Distribution, and IT / Telecommunications”