Stéphane Riot

With NoveTerra, I have been supporting the transformation of organizations and individuals towards the world of tomorrow for the last 15 years, after having performed different business roles with global companies, in France and abroad, for more than 10 years.

My approach is holistic and comprehensive, which means that it encompasses the foresight and reinvention of new innovative businesses (hardware), as well as the subtle support for the human factor of organizations in their transformation process (software).

To do this, I like to design unique adventures that combine the reinvention of organizations (collective intelligence, collaborative dynamics, design) and support for the subtle transformation of collectives and individuals (narrative approaches, emotional intelligence, symbolic and unconscious dimensions).

I am part of research groups on neurosciences, consciousness, cognitive and behavioral approaches.
I also address these topics at public conferences and work with business schools on unleashing the potential of changemakers (HEC, Skema, Univ Cergy Paris, IFS, Ticket For Change ...).