A very young journey that started 15 years ago

by Arantxa Balson and Sara Ais.

Our journeys supporting people and organizations started over 25 years ago. We could not have imagined then the fulfillment and the gratification of these many years working with numerous companies, in such a great diversity of teams and projects, with so many cultures, and in so many countries.

All throughout our careers out of the myriad of things that came with them, the ones that we both have valued the most have been, the opportunity to work with people we really respect and enjoy being around; the possibility of working on interesting projects, with insightful leaders, and the gift to make a difference in people’s lives, thus making an impact in society at large.

We have been a gift to each other, one of those that life brings to you (we hope you have received one of those too!!). We started business relationship 15 years ago and we kept working together since then… ending up being friends. We used to say that when we would grow older, one day far away, we would work together in our own company, we would join efforts and would share with the world all the wisdom and experience we would have accumulated. Well, it seems that the day has arrived, and In4Impact is born!!

In4Impact is a well thought- through project, born to support organizations to boost their talent strategies, and align their culture to allow sustainable growth. With experience in leading transformations in different companies, developing leaders and aligning organizational cultures, with a team that is highly motivated and committed, and with our aspiration for a more sustainable and inclusive world, our plans are to fully dedicate our efforts to walk alongside our clients and work together to co-create solutions that will have a valuable impact for them, their teams and their communities.

If we have had to summarize what we have learn in all these many years, our top lessons would be:

  • Life is about choices we make. We may fail, but we need to persevere, try and try again.
  • Every day brings a lesson, if we are open and humble enough to recognize we do not know it all.
  • We need to embrace change and diversity, as we embrace Life. With curiosity and optimism.
  • We need to believe in ourselves first, then determination and hard work will get us almost anywhere we want to go.
  • We have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone if we want to grow.
  • Trust, then trust and once again trust.
  • People with the right values are truly the best assets for any organization.

We are grateful for the lessons we have been able to learn. Some have come with pain and tears, others with joy. But all and each one of them have made us the person who we are today. We could not ask for any better.

Arantxa Balson and Sara Ais