Why a partnership with Howspace?

To bring real democracy into the workplace

by Arantxa Balson.

Our dream has always been to demonstrate that people can change and make organizations change if we give them enough space to create and collaborate, if we let them get fully involved in thinking and implementing desired futures, if their voice is not only encouraged, but recognized. Since we set up IN4IMPACT, we have been looking for an integrated engagement platform which would allow us to support our customer’s transformation in a way that can maximize the power of every individual, were learning and participation can become the pillars of social process —a process that is based on reflection, inspiration and dialogue.

Howspace is not (just) a platform, it is a learning environment. It fosters the learning and development process —and it does it wonderfully— through facilitated dialogue, supported by AI/Semantics. With it, it is possible to communicate, engage and activate stakeholders— all of them, if needed. It guarantees the access to all the knowledge and knowhow in the organization, while gathering not just all the input, but all communication and documents related to the process in just one place. Therefore, Howspace becomes the best ally possible to keep up the pace of change, continuously listening to the organization and integrating all contributions. And all of it in one flexible, simple and efficient frustration-free environment for participants. Its access is easy and quick because you don’t need to remember login details such as URL, username and password. It combines synchronous and asynchronous participation, fully integrating all functional apps into the same environment reducing the friction to transition from one app to another.

Imagine your organization conducting large scale dialogues: tracking and measuring the wisdom of the crowd while leveraging all different scenarios. Have they or have they not accessed the information? Have they or have they not replied to crucial questions? Have they or have they not contributed with their own ideas? Sounds daunting enough. With Howspace powerful built-in AI, we can visualize and make sense of hundreds, if not thousands, of comments and ideas with just one click. We can summarize a whole dialogue and get to the core content within seconds without losing track of specifics. Now we have real-time access to thinking trends and summarized insights of real-time collaboration.

Howspace has the potential to bring real democracy into the workspace, which drives to a better leverage of human capital and inner happiness. By giving voice to everyone, it allows equal opportunity to contribute, it helps building and strengthen communities, it assists the transition to open collaboration, and it facilitates communication and access to proper support which helps navigate through times of crisis. Alignment, motivation, commitment, qualitative execution, innovation… you name it. Specially, Howspace supports cultures transition from autocratic to participative.
We hope to learn with our customers how to get the best of it to enable a positive and sustainable impact in their organisations.

Arantxa Balson