Why it makes sense to join the Big Bloom movement

by Arantxa Balson.

“When we started our adventure as IN4IMPACT, we engaged in a journey to support organizations find the way to sustainable growth, anchoring their culture and people strategy in values and behaviours that ensure positive impact through inclusive leadership, learning and innovation.

We strongly believe that people can change, and make their organizations change, if we give them space to create and collaborate, if we let them get fully involved in creating futures that have meaning for them. Everyone has talent for innovation. Let diversity bring the magic! Let purpose-driven challenges boost collective performance and learning!

So, we keep engaging with those that share the same believes and have a complementary practice to ours. This is why we join Big Bloom, a global movement to accelerate social innovations that strongly resonates with who we are.

To support their activities, Big Bloom engages with a community of professional trainers, designers, coaches and facilitators from different nationalities, who share common values and identical passion.

Since 2018, Big Bloom organizes HACKATHONS for good, intended to solve strategic challenges for relevant NGOs. In this process, talented professionals from partner’s networks (Air Liquide, BNP Paribas, Chanel, EDF, Enedis, Engie, La Poste, L’Oréal, SNCF, Total…) in prototyping solutions through the power of design thinking methodologies. This becomes a win-win for both parties, the NGO’s get great ideas and solution’s from a group of talented minds and the participating organizations have an opportunity to develop relevant skills and accelerate the leadership development of high potential people from their organizations.

The Big Bloom community has already organised 50 hackathons in Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Singapore, Montreal, Geneve, London, Barcelona… and has been able to mobilize more than 1300 employees to prototype solutions for more than 50 NGOs. A proof of their caring to nurture sustainable performance and a way to aximize positive impact!

We are very proud of becoming part of the Big Bloom community, helping impactful NGOs to confront their strategic challenges and deliver on their promises. This partnership is aligned with our long-term vision and our own strategy. It supports highly valued talent experience and growth and illustrates our belief that only highly diverse and connected ecosystems support strong cultures for growth.

We will deliver Big Bloom Hackathons for Good as an additional solution for our customers, with the ambition to boost transformational journeys towards sustainability. Because we believe that it is relevant to foster their talent and culture strategies. In doing so, we will contribute to expand a Culture of Diversity, Innovation and Solidarity within their organizations.

Because it makes sense. Because it feels good to make good!”

Arantxa Balson